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Our Research Team

  • Robin Morgan

    Equity Analyst/Head of Research
    (BSc Hons Econ)
    Robin has been with Taylor Collison since 2003 and heads up the Research Team. Robin studied Economics at the University of St Andrews and has close to 25 years stockbroking experience across Australia and the UK. He covers a diverse range of industrial stocks.

  • Adam Dellaverde

    Equities Analyst (BCom)
    Adam has been with Taylor Collison since 2010. Adam produces research on automotive and IT services sectors as well as bespoke forensic accounting reports. Adam studied Commerce at the University of South Australia.


  • Andrew Orbach

    Equities Analyst (CFA, BEc Acc)
    Andrew has been with Taylor Collison since 2014.  Andrew focuses on the gaming sector after joining us with more than 15 years experience in this area.

  • Jason Palmer

    Equities Analyst (BCom, CA)
    Jason has been with Taylor Collison since 2015. Prior to joining Taylor Collison, Jason worked in Agribusiness and accounting. Jason studied Commerce at the University of South Australia and is a Chartered Accountant. Jason covers a diverse range of industrial stocks.

  • Andrew Williams

    Energy Analyst
    Andrew has been an equity research analyst in the top echelons of Australian capital markets focusing on the global energy sector and in particular across the oil and gas markets. His strength in integrating the technical, commercial and financial merits of the projects within the sector underpin his analysis and recognition of key investment themes before they became widely appreciated by the investment community.

    Andrew holds a Masters’ Degree in Applied Geology and Grad Dip (Finance) from RMIT University and over a 30-year career Andrew has developed a strong technical and commercial background through hands-on oil industry experience as a geologist with Mobil Minerals, Woodside and Schlumberger.

  • Ryan Armstrong

    Mining & Resources Analyst (BEng Hons)
    After a brief stint working for Sydney-based hedge fund KIS Capital Partners; Ryan re-joined Taylor Collison in 2019 as the Mining and Resources Analyst. Ryan studied Mining Engineering at WA School of Mines and has operational experience across various mine sites on top of the 8 years in a financial analyst role.

  • Dr Dennis Hulme

    Biotech/Healthcare Analyst
    Dennis joined Taylor Collison in 2019 after 5 years covering biotech stocks at global research house Edison Investment Research and 10 years covering the healthcare and agriculture sectors as an analyst at BBY stockbrokers. Prior to that, he had 15 years’ experience as a research scientist with the CSIRO and the University of Sydney. Dennis holds a BVSc and a PhD in molecular genetics from the University of Sydney.

  • Matthew Harper

    Equities Analyst (BCom)

    Matthew is an equity analyst who joined Taylor Collison in February 2021. He has worked in financial markets and other financial services companies for close to 10 years, with several years spent in a specialist financial modelling role at Deloitte. He also has a deep interest in technology, with experience building web applications and is proficient in several coding languages. Matthew covers the ‘Digital’ sector, focusing on companies whose operations primarily exist online or via an app. Matthew holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Adelaide.


  • Sam Pittman

    Equities Analyst (BCom, LLB, CA)

    Sam has been with Taylor Collison since 2021. Prior to joining Taylor Collison, he spent 4 years with an international restructuring firm and 3 years providing financial services to asset management and venture capital funds in London.

  • Monty Swift

    Equities Analyst (CA, RITP, BAcc, BLaw)

    Monty joined Taylor Collison in 2021. Prior to this, he spent six years at KPMG and Ferrier Hodgson in their restructuring divisions. Monty studied Commerce (Accounting) and Law at the University of Adelaide before becoming a Chartered Accountant. He researches a diverse range of software and industrial companies.


  • William Jordan

    Equities Analyst (BMaSc Hons)

    Will joined Taylor Collison in February 2021 after completing a Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences with First Class Honours in Applied Mathematics. He researches a range of small and micro-cap companies.


  • Joshua Baker

    Resources Analyst (BBus)

    Joshua was previously a Portfolio Manager with HD Capital Partners who are a microcap focused investment manager. Joshua has over 10 years’ experience across multiple sectors of the financial services industry from general wealth management through to hedge funds including roles with Paragon Funds Management, Zenith Investment Partners and Whittle & Skok Financial Services.