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Personal Investors

Taylor Collison offers full service stockbroking and advisory services. Our team of private client advisers offer a pre-eminent standard of professional service and advice. Client advisers and research analysts work as a team, assessing investment opportunities for our clients on a daily basis.

Our client advisers can assist in understanding a wide range of sectors, stocks and investment strategies. They can guide you in building a portfolio which is appropriate for your investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs.  All advisers have access to extensive research and can facilitate services such as portfolio administration, CGT reporting, cash management accounting and margin lending.

Services Brief Description
Advice Provide Personal Advice on Australian listed shares.
Derivatives Accredited derivative advisers can advise on warrants.
Research Access to research on most of the ASX 200 listed companies, as well as coverage on mid-cap small and emerging companies.
Portfolio Management Services Providing regular portfolio reviews, on-going investment advice, administration and tax reporting.
Cash Management We can assist you to establish a cash management account with a leading financial institution, paying competitive rates of interest.
Superannuation Provide advice on self-managed superannuation funds. Refer also the following document SMSF Investment Strategy.
International Equities We can facilitate trading in most overseas markets.

Applying to be a client is easy. Simply complete our application form which is available for download here.