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Portfolio Management & CGT

Managing an investment portfolio is a time consuming task. Successful investment management requires constant attention and accurate up-to-date information in order to make informed decisions. Our Portfolio Management Service provides a range of administration, tax and investment reporting functions which are designed to ease the workload and enhance overall performance.

Features of the service include:

  • regular portfolio reviews
  • ongoing monitoring of your portfolio
  • proactive investment advice
  • ability to consider the tax position of each investment decision
  • corporate actions advice
  • implementing all investment transactions (e.g. dealing with new issues, takeovers, redemptions etc.)
  • collection of correspondence and recording of all investment income and expenses
  • maintaining capital gains tax records
  • regular reporting

Capital Gains Tax Reporting (CGT)

Our Capital Gains Tax Reporting service tracks all trades to enable reporting of realised and unrealised tax positions for each investment. Reports are provided on a ongoing regular basis to assist clients with tax planning and taxation reporting obligations.

For more about our Portfolio Management or CGT Service please contact us here.