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David Whiting

David is head of the retail desk in Sydney and has a strong focus on mining and mid-cap emerging companies. Contact:

Michael Whiting

Michael has more than 30 years experience in stockbroking. Michael has Supervisory responsibilities for Compliance and Retail Operations across Adelaide and Sydney. Contact:

Guy Collison

Guy is an Executive of Taylor Collison with more than 20 years experience in stockbroking. Guy specialises in services to retail clients across a broad range of securities. Contact:

David Cutten

David has more than 25 years experience in stockbroking, advising retail and institutional clients. David has Supervisory responsibilities for Taylor Collison’s Sydney office. Contact:

Mark Harris

Mark has been a Client Advisor at Taylor Collison for 12 years and has 20 years experience in the finance sector, previously working in Sydney & London. Mark advises a broad range of retail clients on their share portfolios focusing predominately on the blue chip sector. Contact:

Tom Whiting

Tom has 10 years experience in financial markets advising retail and institutional clients. He specialises in the small to mid cap sector of the market with a particular focus on emerging mining, industrial and technology companies. Contact:

Emilia Seto

Emilia has been a Client Advisor at Taylor Collison for 4 years and has 9 years experience in the stockbroking and finance sector. Emilia speaks fluent Chinese and has a focus providing financial advice to Asian business. Her knowledge across a broad range of securities allows her to provide financial advice to both her local and international retail clients. Contact:

George Capozzi

George has 13 years experience in financial services, including six years investment banking in London, Milan and Sydney where his previous employers include Barclays Bank and Deutsch Bank AG.  George commenced with Taylor Collison in mid 2008 where his involvement includes Equity Capital Markets and advising high net worth & institutional clients.  He specialises in small and mid-cap emerging companies.

Chris Eddington

Chris was employed by Taylor Collison in 2012 and has been working in the financial services industry for his whole career. Chris studied at the University of Adelaide where he completed a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Corporate Finance and Accounting. Chris advises a broad range of clients predominately in the blue chip sector of the market focusing on building and managing client portfolios. Chris also works closely with Financial Advisors and Sophisticated Investors in the Listed Investment Company sector. Contact:

John Ferrier

With over 15 years in Financial Services John has extensive knowledge and experience building and managing client portfolios. John adds value to this clients investment selection process with financial advice that is appropriate for their personal risk profile and wealth creation objectives. Contact: